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Part - 05

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Khairuls Basic Math PDF Book Divided into 5 different parts. All the part of this book is uploaded in Google Drive. Details Of This Book - Simply solution of Arithmetic: ✓Number ✓Unitary Method ✓L.C.M and H.C.F ✓Fraction ✓DecimalFraction ✓Square root ✓Train ✓Time Distance and speed ✓Boat And Stream ✓Pipe – Cistern and Work ✓Average ✓Percentage ✓Profit And Loss) ✓Simple and Compound Interest ✓Ratio – Proportion ✓Ages Algebra: ✓Algebratic Operation ✓Factorization ✓Function ✓L.C.M and H.C.F ✓Exponent ✓Logarithm ✓Series ✓Simple Equation ✓Simultaneous Linear Equation ✓Set ✓Permutation ✓Combination Probability ✓Inequality ✓Statistics. Geometry: ✓Line and Angle ✓Triangle ✓Quadrilateral ✓Polygon ✓Circle ✓Solid geometry Special Parts: ✓Important tips for quick and easy math ✓Important memorization topics (squares of different numbers, cubic and decimal values) ✓Mathematical Wars (Different Quick Techniques) ✓Area and measurement ✓Different inspirational stories (at the end of different chapters) Moderation Trigonometry Mental skills and ability