Day 1 Two Methods of Learning Grammar Sentence Part of Sentences Sentence Fragment Four Basic Sentence Structures Chapter II Parts of Speech
Day 2 A. Nouns Different Kinds of Nouns Three Properties of Nouns Fifteen Rules in forming the singular and plural noun Exercise Rules in Forming Possession
Day 3 B. Pronoun Five kinds of Pronoun Forms of the Personal Pronouns
Day 4 Possessive Pronoun Classification of Gender Exercise: Pronouns and Antecedents
Day 5 C. Verbs Forms of Verbs Four Kinds of Verbs Three Parts of Verbs (The principal)
Day 6 Tenses of verbs Six Basic forms (tenses of verbs)
Day 7 Six tenses of the verb TO BE Six Tenses of the Regular Verb CARE Six Tenses of the Irregular Verb EAT
Day 8 Six Tenses in Progressive Forms of Verbs
Day 9 Two group of Verbs Verb CARE Exercise: Tense Usage
Day 10 Thirty Basic Rules in Subject-Verb Agreement and Grammar
Day 11 Verbs: Voice Moods of Verb English Modals
Day 12 Agreement of Subject and Verb Exercise Agreement of Verb with Compound Subject Agreement with Collective Nouns Agreement of Verbs with Indefinite Pronouns
Day 13 Special Cases of Agreement
Day 14 Complements Complements of Action Verbs Complements of Linking Verbs
Day 15 D.Prepositions Two Groups of Prepositions
Day 16 E.Cases of Nouns and Pronouns Three Cases in English Cases of Nouns Cases of Pronouns Possessive Case of Nouns and Pronouns
Day 17 Adjectives Three Uses of Adjectives Kinds of Adjectives Pronouns as Adjectives
Day 18 Adjectives have Comparison
Day 19 G. Adverbs Kinds of Adverb Degree of Comparison
Day 20 Preposition Prepositional phrases Types of Prepositional Phrase The Correct Use of Prepositions
Day 21 I. Conjunctions Types of Conjunctions Exercise2: Prepositions and Conjunctions J. Interjections Chapter IIIClauses
Day 22 Two Kinds of Clauses Types of Dependent Clauses Adverbial clauses 
Subordinate Conjunctions Kinds of Adverbial Clause Exercise: Error Detection Subordinate Conjunction commonly used in adverbial clause of the various types
Day 23 2. Adjective Clauses Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clause Noun Clauses Noun Clauses Function Chapter Classifying Sentences based on Clauses
Day 24 Using Comma and Semicolon Chapter Verbal’s
Day 25 Three Verb Form of Verbal Participle verbal Four kinds of Participles
Day 26 Verbal Analogy Tests Two Distinct types of knowledge Principles of Taking Verbal Analogy Tests Exercise: Verbal Analogy and Relationship
Day 27 B. Gerunds Infinitives Split Infinitives Chapter VI Punctuation
Day 28 Types of Punctuation 1. Period 2. Question Mark 
3. Exclamation Mark 4. Quotation Mark 5. Apostrophe
Day 29 6. Comma 7. Colon 8. Semicolon 9. Parenthesis 10. Dash
Day 30 Capitalizations List of Troublesome Words Answer Key Conclusion
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