Question 1: It is --- acceptable to being a sentence with and or but

a. always

b. sometimes

c. rerely

d. no hard and fast rule

Answer: c

Question 2: Which of the following is not an adjective ?

a. humble

b. humane

c. humid

d. humor

Answer: d

Question 3: He is poor but honest. In this sentence which is conjunction ?

a. poor

b. honest

c. but

d. he

Answer: c

Question 4 : Norms are society's do's and don's : the word 'do's' in this sentence is a/an :

a. Verb

b. Noun

c. Adjective

d. Adverb

Answer: b

Question 5: Happiness consists --- self -con contenment . Which one of the following is the appropriate preposition for the gap

a. of

b. to

c. on

d. in

Answer: d

Question 6 : Fill up the gap in the form of pronoun . My uncle has three sons --- work in the same office

a. all of them

b. who all

c. they all

d. all of whom

Answer: d

Question 7: Noun of the 'poor' is ---?

a. Poorify

b. Poority

c. Poorness

d. Poverty

Answer: d

Question 8: Which one is Common Noun ?

a. Truth

b. Bank

c. Victory

d. Length

Answer: b

Question 9: Which of the following words is a verb ?

a. intention

b. intellect

c. interim

d. interest

Answer: d

Question 10: One should adhere --- his/her principles.

a. to

b. at

c. for

d. in

Answer: a

Question 11: Noun of the word 'Break' is ---?





Answer: b

Question 12: A bodyguard provides one --- protection.




Answer: a

Question 13: her grades have improved,but only--- asmall amount

b.very slightly



Answer: b

Question 14: One should be ashamed --- one's misconduct. সঠিক শব্দ দিয়ে শূন্যস্থান পূরণ করুন -



Answer: a

Question 15: There is no such thing as chemically pure water --- nature.



d.none of these

Answer: a

Question 16: Change the verb 'Lose' into noun -----?





Answer: c

Question 17: Point out the sentence with correct use of adverb---

a.Write the essay in brief

b.Write the essay briefly

c.Write the essay in short

d.Write the essay shortly

Answer: a

Question 18: Nobody ----- Alam knew the way.





Answer: b

Question 19: Select the most appropriate preposition : Adhere




Answer: a

Question 20: Truth must prevail in the long run. বাক্যে Truth শব্দটি কোন প্রকারের Noun ?

a.Common Noun

b.Collective Noun

c.Material Noun

d.Abstract Noun

Answer: d

Question 21: Choose the correct sentence

a. They are digging the canal for a week

b. They have been digging the canal for a week

c. They had dug the canal for a week

d. They dig the canal for a week

Answer: b

Question 22: He is considering not "to go".

a. to go

b. going

c. to have gone

d. having gone

Answer: b

Question 23 : He talks as if he ----- everything.

a. has known

b. had known

c. will know

d. knew

Answer: d

Question 24: Which one completes the senrence properly? Some days ----- since my father died.

a. are passed

b. passed

c. have passed

d. had passed

Answer: c

Question 25: I am looking forward ---- you.

a. to seeing

b. seeing

c. to see

d. to have seen

Answer: a

26. We askd him why he ---- telephoned earlier .

a. did not

b. has not

c. had not

d. would not

ans : c

27. He said, 'Friends, goodbye' in indirect form is

a. He bade his friends goodbye .

b. He told his friends goodbye

c. He said goodbye to his friends

d. He wished his friends goodbye

ans: a

28. We said, 'Long live Bangladesh'.

a. We wished that Bangladesh might live long

b. We prayed that Bangladesh might live long .

c. We wished Bangladesh a long life

d. all of the above

ans : d

29. I said to him , Is he a doctor?'' turn into indirect

a. I said to him that he was a doctor

b. I said to him whether he was a doctor

c. I asked him whether he was a doctor

d. I asked him whether he is a doctor

ans : c

30. The Teacher said the student, '' Don't waste time' . indirect form is

a. The teacher told the student do not waste time

b. The teacher prohibit the student not to waste time

c.The teacher forbade the student not to waste time

d. The teacher advised the student not to waste time

ans : d

31. He said, 'Thanks , my friends. indirect form

a. He told his friends thanks

b. He said thanked to his friends

c. He thanked his friends

d. He said to his friends thanks

ans : c

32. The boy said, 'Let me do it'' . indirect form is

The boy said ....

a. he could do it

b. he should do it

c. he might be allowed to do it

d. he should be allowed to do it

ans : c

33. Soya said, 'I walk a mile everyday . indirect speech is

a. Soya said that she walked a mile everyday

b. Soya said that she walkes a mile everyday

c. Soya said that I am walking a mile everyday

d. Soya said that I walk a mile everyday

ans : a

34. Anis said, 'I must write a letter . indirect

a. Anis said he must write a letter .

b. Anis said that he must write a letter .

c. Anis said he had to write a letter .

d. Anis said thad he had to write a letter .

ans : a

35. I said, ''Why are you getting wet in the rain? Indirect form

a. I told why he was getting wet in the rain

b. I asked why he were getting wet in the rain .

c. I asked why he was getting wet in the rain .

d. I asked why they are getting wet in the rain .

ans : c

36. All the books (to sell) Yesterday .

a. All the books were sold yesterday

b. All the books had been sold yesterday

c. All the books sold yesterday

d. yesterday sold all the books

ans : a

37. A new house --- at the corner of the road.

a. been built

b. is being built

c. is building

d. building

ans b

38. The path --- pave , so were able to walk through the path .

a. was

b. had been

c. has been

d. both a & b

ans : d

39. Open the Window. passive form

a. The window should be opened.

b. Let the window be opened

c. Let the window be opened by you.

d. none of them

ans : b

40. Who will help you. ? passive form is

a. By whom will you be helped ?

b. By whom you will be helped?

c. By whom would you be helped ?

d. By whom you would be helped ?

ans : a

41. People always remember patriots . passive

a. The patriot will always be remembered by people .

b. The patriot are always being remembered

c. People are always remembered by the patriot

d. The patriot are always remembered .

ans : d

42. He took me there . passive

a. I was taken there by him

b. I was to be be taken there by him

c. I should be taken there by him

d. he was trying to take me there

ans : a

43. Pay the bill today . passive

a. The bill is to be paid today

b. Let the bill be paid today

c. the bill will be paid today

d. the bill may be paid today

ans : b

44. Which word is the determiner in the sentence 'will it take much time .''

a. will

b. much

c. take

d. time

ans : b

45. The number of parts of a paragragh

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

ans : b

46. The news will shock you. passive

a. you will be shocked at the news

b. you will be shocked by the news

c. you will be shocked in the news

d. none of them

ans : a

47. He is as strong as you. make it comparative

a. He is no less strong than you.

b. He is the best strong than you.

c. He is stronger than you.

ans : a

48. Very few Poets in Bangladesh are as good as Nazrul. make it comparative

a. Nazrul is better poet in Bangldesh.

b. Nazrul is the best poet in Bangladesh .

c. Nazrul is better than most other poets in Bangladesh

d. none of them

ans : c

49. The family doesn't feel ---- going outing this season.

a. in

b. on

c. like

d. of

ans : c

50. I Couldn't mend the computer myself , so I -- at a shop.

a. had it mended

b. had it mend

c. did it mend

d. had mended

ans : a

Question ৫১ : Identify one of the quotation parts that must be changed to make the sentence correct.

"No sooner" " the bell rang" "than the teacher entered" "the class".

a. No sooner

b. the bell rang

c. than the teacher entered d. the class

Answer: b

Question 52: Choose the correct sentence--

a. I had finished the book yesterday

b. I finished the book yesterday

c. I have finished the book yesterday

d. I was finishing the book yesterday

Answer: b

Question 53: which word is the determiner in the sentence"will it take much time?"




Answer : c

Question 54: Fill in the blanks : Give my ---- to him.

a.worm compliment

b.compliments compliments

d.heartiest compliments

Answer: b

Question 55: Prices for bicycles can run -----TK. 2,000.00 high as high as high to high for

Answer: a

56. Which one is correct?

a. fulfill

b. fullfil

c. fulfil

d. fullfill

ans ; a

57. Which one is correct?

a. Beaurocrat

b. Burocrat

c. Bureaucrat

d. Buroucrat

ans : c

58. Which one is correct?

a. Colleague

b. Chollegue

c. Culleague


ans : a

59. Which one is correct?

a. Commission

b. Comision

c. Comission

d. Commision

ans : a

60. Which one is correct?

a. miscelanous

b. misscellaneous

c. miscelaneous

d. miscellaneous

ans : d

61. Which one is correct?

a. Millionire

b. Milionair

c. Millionaire

d. Millionir

ans : c

62. Which one is correct?

a. Millenniam

b. Millenium

c. Milenium

d. Millennium

ans : d

63. Which one is correct?

a. Accomodation

b. Accommodation

c. Acommodation

d. Acomodation

ans : b

64. Which one is correct?

a. Tubarculisis

b. Tubarculosis

c. Tuberculisis

d. Tuberculosis

ans : d

65. Which one is correct?

a. Dysentery

b. Disentery

c. Desentery

d. Deesentery

ans :a

66. Which one is correct?

a. Asassination

b. Assassination

c. Assasination

b. Asasination

ans : b

67. If Napoleon had not invaded Russia , he -- the rest Europe.

a. had conquered

b. would conquer

c. would have conquered

d. conquered

ans : c

68. If teaching --- more , fewer teachers would leave the profession

a. pays

b. is paying

c. paid

d. is paid

ans : c

70. Had I known in advance , I ---- enough money .

a. would take

b. took

c. will take

d. would have taken

ans : d

71. Give her a telephone number to ring --- she gets lost .

a. Whether

b. Incase

c. Unless

d. Perhaps

ans : b

72. If he wants to play the violin , I --- the piano for him.

a. play

b. am playing

c. shall play

d. have played

ans . c

73. Water boils --- you heat it ot 100 degree centigrate.

a. unless

b. untill

c. if

d. although

ans : c

74. Every one should respect --- teachers.

a. his

b. one's

c. own

d. their

ans : a

75. The mob -- dispersed.

a. is

b. have

c. has

d. are

ans : a

76. Jamal and I --- to school.

a. walking

b. walks

c. walk

d. are walk

ans: c

77. Three -fourths of the work --- finished .

a. have been

b. has been

c. had

d. were

ans : b

78. It is you who --- to blame .

a. was

b. is

c. are

d. has

ans : c

79. They as well as he -- wrong.

a. is

b. be

c. will

d. not

ans : a

80. It's 10 am . The sun -- in the eastern sky.

a. shines

b. is shining

c. has been shining

d. had been shining

ans : b

81. Just now he --- his dinner but he says he'll see you whin he's finished .

a. is having

b. has had

c. was having

d. had

ans : b

82. By the time I had reached the bottom of the mountain , I -- extremely tired .

a. feel

b. have been felt

c. am feeling

d. felt

ans : d

83. It is time ( do) the work.

a. did

b. doing

c. does

d. to do

ans : d

84. Next June , Lata and Tanim - -- for 10 years .

a. are married

b. have been married

c. will have been married

d. will marry

ans : c

85. Some days --- since my father died .

a. are passed

b. passed

c. have passed

d. had passed

ans : c

86. As the sun ---- , I decided to go out.

a. shines

b. has shone

c. shine

d. was shining

ans : d

87. It's time ( you realize) your mistakes .

a. you realized

b. that you realize

c. you would realize

d. you have realized

ans : a

88. Which of the following sentences is correct.

a. I wish I was as tall as my brother

b. I wish I was as tall as my brother was

c. I wish I were as tall as my brother

d. I wish I am as tall as my brother

ans : c

89. Look! the girls ---- football.

a. play

b. have played

c. are playing

d. played

ans : c

90. I opened the door as soon as I -- the bell.

a. have heard

b. was hearing

c. am heard

d. heard

ans : d

91. I know ''that he is thoroughly honest,'' here ''that he is thoroughly honest,'' is

a. mail clause

b. noun clause

c. adjective clause

d. adverbial clause

ans : b

92. Whice one is a correct sentence ?

a. paper is made of wood

b. paper is made from wood

c. paper is made by wood

d. paper is made on wood.

ans : b

93. Education is enlightening. here ' enlightening ' is

a. A gerund

b. a participle

c. an infinitive

d. a finite verb

ans : b

95. She has a face with smile , is

a. noun phrase

b. adjective phrase

c. adverb phrase

d. preposition phrase

ans : a

99. A boy of tender age , is

a. noun phrase

b. adjective phrase

c. adverb phrase

d. preposition phrase

ans : b

100. Now and then is

a. noun phrase

b. adjective phrase

c. adverb phrase

d. preposition phrase

ans :c

101. By virtue of is

a. noun phrase

b. adjective phrase

c. adverb phrase

d. preposition phrase

ans : d

102. The truth is 'that they were very angry.' here 'that they were very angry.' is

a. noun clause

b. adjective clause

c. adverbial clause

d. none of them

ans : a

103. Though he is poor , he is honest . here ' Though he is poor' is

a. noun clause

b. adjective clause

c. adverbial clause

d. none of them

ans : c

104. He sent me a message and I replied . here ' and I replied' is

a. noun clause

b. adjective clause

c. adverbial clause

d. Co- ordinate clause

ans : d

105. Harm : damage

a. sweet : sour

b. stout : weak

c. injure : Incapacitate

d. Hook : Crook

ans : c

106. Fire : Ashes

a. accident : delay

b. water ; waves

c. event : memories

d. wood. splinters

ans: c

107. He does not like my going here. here 'going ' is

a. participle

b. Gerund

c. adjective

d. none of them

ans : b

108. Swimming is a good exercise . here is Swimming is

a. participle

b. Gerund

c. adjective

d. none of them

ans : b

109. Can you see the floating flower . here 'floating ' is a

a. participle

b. Gerund

c. noun

d. none of them

ans: a

110. Having eaten rice , she went to bed. here 'having ' is a

a. participle

b. Gerund

c. Past participle

d. Perfect participle

ans : d

112. Fate smiles ...... those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.

A. with

B. over

C. on

D. round

Answer: C

113. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics, etc.

A. Store

B. Stall

C. Boutique

D. Booth

Answer: C

114. My uncle decided to take ...... and my sister to the market.

A. I

B. mine

C. me

D. myself

Answer: C

115। A green horn ----. phrase টির অর্থ কি ?

a. An inexperienced man

b. A trinee

c. A soft hearted man

d. An envious lady

Answer: a

116। That which cannot be read

A. Negligible

B. Illegible

C. Ineligible

D. Incorrigible

Answer: B

117। Vice-versa - means

a. Assistant

b. The vice officer

c. An evil deed

d. The terms being exchanged


118। The man was run---by a car.বাক্যটির শুনহ শূন্যস্থানে কোনটি বসবে?

ক. Over

খ. Into

গ. through

ঘ. upon

উত্তরঃ ক

119। I have never seen such a slow coach like you , this small work has taken you three full months. What does the idiom ' a slow coach ' means -

a. A careless person

b. A very lazy person

c. An irresponsible person

d. An unthoughtful person

Answer: b

120। I would --- to chase these boys away from my kitchen garden.

a. have

b. run

c. sell

d. like

Answer: d

121। ' Cut and dry ' means -

a. secret

b. already decided

c. brief

d. humorous

Answer: b

122। The committee decided --- make --- exception --- him. Fill in the gaps ---- ?

a. to , the , with

b. to , an , for

c. an , no , to

d. one , no , to

Answer: a

123। What is the meaning of 'hang about' ?

a. Lag behind

b. Keep aloof

c. Loiter about

d. Remain away

Answer: c

124। An 'Optical illusion' is -

a. An illustration of an eye make up

b. Something related to blindness

c. Something that may be viewed with the eye and misinterpreted

d. A premonition of an eye diseases

Answer: c

125। Have you ever - - - Sundarbans ?

a. looked , on , to

b. traveled , within , forest

c. seen , or , been

d. been , to , the

Answer: d

126। Prima facie - means

a. Primal face

b. Primitive man

c. Main facilities

d. At first sight


127। A Machiavellian character is ---

a. An honest person

b. Scheming person

c. A adventurous person

d. Learned person

Answer: b

128। "White colour job" means -

a. a job without any work

b. a job with much hardship

c. a thankless job

d. a job without manual labour

Answer: d

129। Very pleasing to eat

A. Appetising

B. Palatable

C. Tantalising

D. Sumptuous

Answer: B

130। The price of daily necessaries increases by ----- ?

a. hook or by crook

b. fits and starts

c. the by

d. leaps and bounds

Answer: d

131। ' Capital punishment ' means -

a. imprisonment

b. freedom

c. death penalty

d. misery

Answer: c

132। The part of government which is concerned with making of rules

A. Court

B. Tribunal

C. Bar

D. Legislature

Answer: D

133। When they had their first child , they put ----- a large sum for his education.

a. aside

b. beside

c. outside

d. under

Answer: a

134। One who is not easily pleased by anything

A. Maiden

B. Mediaeval

C. Precarious

D. Fastidious

Answer: D

135। The ruling party will have to put its own house ...... order.

A. in

B. on

C. to

D. into

Answer: A

136। He became enamored ...... her grace when he first saw her dance.

A. with

B. of

C. by

D. in

Answer: B