Meta Tags Core Elements

Now the question is, how to define metadata? Here the simple example of dublin core elements [DCMES - Dublin Core Metadata Element Set] and it's made of SEO description meta elements shown below;

    Title: title of the site
    Creator: Owner of the site
    Format: Format of the site likes text/HTML
    Subject: Keywords
    Publisher: Name of a publisher
    Identifier: Url of a site
    Language: Language of the content
    Date: Created date
    Modified: Modified date
    Description: SEO site description
    Type: Nature of content

Organic traffic for startups

Both types of startups can utilize the organic search to drive website traffic.

Startups selling a product or service that people search for can build unique landing pages to target relevant search queries.

You will need to SEO optimize your landing pages and build links to them. If you do this right, they will rank high.

It’s not easy to build links to landing pages due to their nature. In fact, landing pages are sales pages. A rare website is willing to link to other entrepreneur’s sales page. What can you do about that? We recommend you to rank your landing pages without building links directly to them through content marketing.

Why is this important? Because the more links you build through content assets, the stronger and more trusted your domain becomes. In other words, ranking your landing pages becomes easier and requires fewer links.

Referral traffic for your startup

Referral traffic is another effective marketing channel for startups.

Any mention by top-quality resources is great because your startup gets a backlink. But not every backlink will drive a lot of referral traffic. Being a startup, you’d better focus on gaining referral traffic from websites that explain how their product or service helps solve a particular problem or even a bunch of them. You may also like to know; Top 500+ High PR Sites [2019] | Build SEO Quality Backlinks

For example, suppose you are reading the article on the easiest way of launching a website. You notice that the author mentions TemplateMonster among the leading ready-made website templates providers. People searching for how to launch a website have a problem (they don’t know how to do it quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently). The article provides them with a solution accompanied by tools and instructions required to accomplish this.

This is great exposure for TemplateMonster because the article shows how the company can help solve a problem the searcher has. This article likely provides their website with referral and branded search traffic. 

Social media traffic for startups

Social media channels can become really good sources of traffic for a startup’s website. Still, this strategy will work efficiently only if your startup is awesome.

Social media for a startup should be passive. In other words, you shouldn’t actively engage with people on social media to tell them about your startup.

What is recommended to do is take your time and effort into creating high-quality, viral content that throws the light on your product or service. If your product or service is worth public attention, it will spread without your intensive promotion.

If you do everything right, you will massively grow your Facebook page even if you post a few times a month. Your pieces of content will become viral and drive you a ton of traffic.

Make A Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website

It's well known these days that Internet users are conducting their searches more and more on their mobile phones and other tablet devices instead of computers. Unfortunately, many people haven't accommodated for this and still don't have a responsive or mobile-friendly website design.

10 Best Mobile-Friendly Website Testing Tools List and Sites | Test Your Mobile Responsive Web Designs

Responsive web development and design are capable of easily changing and accommodating your website to the screen size the visitor is looking at it through. When a responsive design isn't used, what a user sees on a laptop screen will show up that same size on a mobile screen.

Responsive style lowers the bounce rate, else this makes it laborious for your guests to look at your web site and navigate it. this will extremely place a damper on your SEO and promoting efforts. Instead, it is a sensible plan to rent a developer WHO is accomplished in responsive style and WHO will simply build the mandatory changes that permit your web site to regulate to the screen size it’s viewed on. this may facilitate to create your guests happy, so resulting in a lot of traffic.

Use More Targeted Keywords

Keywords are used in content to help optimize it for search engines. While you don't want to overuse keywords (keyword stuffing), keywords throughout your content can contribute to improving your rankings. The trick is knowing which keywords to target.

Keywords are grouped into 3 separate main groups:

Use Generic Keywords

Generic keywords confer with plain keywords like red shoes, green ball, camera. These keywords square measure usually utilized by several websites and have a better competition rating. this suggests they are tougher to rank for as a result of everyone seems to be victimization them.

Use Broad Match Keywords

Broad match keywords talk to keywords that supply a touch a lot of data. These might seem as red association football shoes, inexperienced ball, Canon photographic camera. These provide a lot of insight into what a user is sorting out and narrows down their search parameters. However, these kinds of keywords usually even have a high competition rating.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords area unit nice keywords to use and to rank for as a result of they have an inclination to own lower competition, however in expression that they will even have low search results monthly. However, they will be terribly helpful in creating your PageRank high for specific merchandise or services. Long tail keywords will seem as 'where am i able to purchase low cost red football shoes' or 'how to serve a inexperienced ball on court'. victimization long tail keywords that area unit relevant to your merchandise, services or blogs will assist you to achieve a lot of authority together with your web site rankings and SEO efforts. For higher understandings; check out: LSI Keywords: a way to Boost On page SEO For Ranking & Traffic | Keyword improvement

You also got to get a lot of regarding keyword optimization; five Reasons, Why Keywords area unit therefore vital for SEO improvement

When selecting targetted keywords, you'll be able to use tools like Google Keyword Planner to assist estimate the simplest ones you would like. All you would like to try and do is kind within the keyword, set the settings to the country you are in and let Google refer the results for the month. once inserting keywords into your content solely use one keyword each 150-200 words or a lot of, this can reduce the prospect of keyword stuffing and find punished by Google.