Computer Awareness MCQ Questions for Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SBI Exam

Computer and Information Technology

1. What does the word computer mean? - Calculator.
2. Who is the father of modern computer? - Father Charles Babbage
3. How many types of computer memory? -Computer memory mainly
Two types
4. Write the full value of the LCD? - Liquid Crystal Display.
5. What does PC mean? - Personal Computer.
. What is CPU? -Central Processing Unit
. 1 KB =? Answer: 1 KB = 1024 Byte.
. Who invented the computer? - Howard Aikin
9. What is the permanent memory of the computer? - Rom
10. Which is not in the computer? - Intelligence consideration
11. Who is the founder of the video sharing site YouTube?
- Steve Chal and Javed Karim
12. Which controls all the activities of the computer?
- Central Processing Unit
13. What is e-mail? - Electronic mail
14. What is the brain of a computer called? - Microprocessor
15. What is a computer device? - Hardware
16. Who is the legend of today's computer world? - Bill Gates
16. What is Computer BIOS? -Basic Input-Output System
16. Called the main printed circuit board of the computer
Is? -Motherboard
19. What is computer RAM? -Memory
20 The computer system has two main components-
-Hardware and software parts
21. China is currently the top country in terms of internet usage
22. The first digital computer made with IC chip- -Intel 4004
23. In what year was the first computer network launched? -1989
24. How many types of computer networks? -4 type
25. What does Chat mean? - Gossip
26. When is the online internet service in Bangladesh?
-June 4, 1996
26. What does this ‘#’ sign on the computer say? -Hass sign
26. What does web mean? - - Fake
29. What does the word micro mean? - Tiny
30 What is a global computer network made up of numerous computers? - Internet
31. Which is not the use of computer? -Dreaming
32. What does mouse click mean?
- Left mouse button pressed
33. Computer word originates from which word? -
34. How many types of drives do computers have? -3 types
35. The power-point file is called the -presentation
36. Which is used to store and transfer data. -
Pen drive
36. Which of the following is a Bengali writing software? - Victory
36. Which is not a branch of information technology? -Post Department
39. The operating system is - the human brain intelligence
40 Which menu contains the Find command? -Edit
41. Change the font size-
- In the Font dialog box
42. If the human body is caught hardware
Software- - Life
43. Computer intelligence is less than human
44. Where on the keyboard to type different characters
Is to pay. - Button
45. In what year did Apple launch the operating system 8.0?
Do? -In 1971
48. What is expressed in the memory capacity of the computer? -Byte
48. Who is the first computer programmer? - Lady Ada Augusta
48. What kind of PowerPoint package program? -
49. What is the speed of computer work? -Nano
50. What was the profession of Charles Babbage, the father of computers? - Mathematician  
51. What does Chat mean? - Gossip
52. What does the word micro mean? -Small
53. Where is the numeric key pad? -The right of the keyboard
54. Which is not included in the software? -Monitor
55. The final instruction in the file copy process is -Copy
57. What kind of package program is Axis? -Database
57. What is a PowerPoint file? -Presentation
57. Any software for calculating on a computer
Most useful? -MS Excel
59. Which type of printer is the fastest
High quality
Capable of providing print? -Laser printer
60 IBM PC with a company's microprocessor
Ready? -Intel
62. The operating system is the intelligence of the human brain
63. Find menu in which menu? - -Edit menu
64. If you give the Close command, the existing file of the database is closed
Done? -File menu Close command
65. Which is not the use of Notepad? - Draw pictures
. Windows 95 came on the market in 1995
. Date of birth is a field
. Change the font size-font dialog
In the box
69 If the human body is caught hardware
Software- -Life
60 Computer intelligence is less than human
61. Origin from binary disit- -Bit
72. What is the main goal of the program?
- A satisfactory solution to the problem
63. Complex computer design-Dr. Stebiz
64. Where on the keyboard to type different characters
Do you have to pay?
65. Practical package program for writing
Which one? -Word Processor Program
. Programs that use computers to be infected
What does it mean to be protected?
- Antivirus
. What is it like to have everything together on a microcomputer
Say? -Logic board
. The two computers connect to the telephone line
Who? - Madam
69 Which is the unit of computer calculation? -Byte
60 What kind of package program is Excel? -
61. What is the sum of the programs used in the computer?
72. What is the speed of computer work expressed by? -Nano
63. Without which the hardware does not work? -Software
64. What does a computer have to pay for a job? -
Information or data
65. How does a computer process information? -Instructions
According to
. Which language does the computer device understand? - own language
. Which is not a computer output device? -Scanner
. The most powerful computer is the -super computer
69 Computers work according to whose instructions? -Man
90 What work was done with the computer in the beginning? -
91. It currently ranks second in the software industry
Which country? - India
92. What do Internet account holders say? -
93. The Internet originated in any country. - In the United States
94. The easiest means of current communication
Which one? -Internet
95. Where are the Ok and Cancel or Close buttons? -
In the dialog box.
96. Which menu contains the print command? - File
96. The words File, Edit, Help, View etc.
Where is it written? - In the menu bar
96. Which menu is required to save the file? -File
99 No buttons for typing English capital letters
Need? -CapsLock
100. What is the function keys ?
Say the keys from F1 to F12 together
101 Any method of processing computer data
Not used? - Decimal
102. Chandrabati is the name of the Bangla font
103 Which is a graphical database program? -X
104. Database means information format
105 To type the key to use the victory key board
Is? -Ctrl + Alt + B
108. Who made the computer mouse? -William English
108. Who is the father of WWW? - Tim Burns Lee
108. What is the nature of computer language? -Digital
109. What is a cursor? -Light line
110. What is Windows really like? -Open windows
111. Which command is used to cut or delete characters?
- Delete or backspace
112. Which scientist named computer virus? -
Fred Cohen
113. Which virus attacks data files? -Macro
114. What does it look like to hang a mouse? -
Like a rat
115. Which menu is required to save the file? -File
116. If the computer displays the wrong result, you have to understand - data
Input was incorrect.
116. Which is the input device? - Keyboard
116. Which is the output device? - Monitor
119. Which is not part of the CPU? -Memory
120. How many types of computer memory. - 2
121. What are the main types of computers? - 3
122. Which is not a word processing package? - Word processor
123 53D What kind of number? -Hexadecimal
124. What is the total number of types? -4 type
25. Is the function a shot? - F1-F12
128. What are the names of the keys up to 0-09? - Numeric Key
128. Which of the following is a Special Key.- Space bar
128. Which of the following is the name of the antivirus software? -
129 What is the shortcut command of Select All in MS word? - Ctrl + A
130. Enter the full name of the LAN? - Local Area Network
131. Write the full name of WWW? - World Wide- Web
132. Save which menu? - File
133 How many menus are there in the menu bar? - 9
134. Type the save shortcut command. -Ctrl + S
135 Symbol in MS word is in any menu. - Insert
138 What does File mean? - Documents
138 How many types of data processing? - 3
138 How to write jjb… - jjb
139. IBM PC first came to the market in 1971
140. Microsoft Windows 3.1 came to the market in 1992
141. In what year did Apple Computer come to the market?
142. No to take New document in MS word
Click on the menu - - File
143 Click on any menu to open the old document
To do - File
144. What does Save mean? - Save
145. Pragraph is in any menu - Format
146. What is the shortcut command of Find in MS word? - Ctrl + F
146. To enlarge the document in MS word - -
146. How many rows are there in M.S Excel? -75,536
149. How many columns are there in M.S Excel? -256
150. How many cells are there in M.S Excel? -1,6,7,218

151. Inaugurated the Basic Language? - John Kemini and Thomas Cutters
152. Which one is not necessary to make PC? - Printer
153 A general database is a file-containing database
154. Which program is used for writing? -Word
155. Which is known as notebook? -Laptop
156. Name of the world's first automatic calculator - MARK-1
156. What is the combination of animation, graphics and sound called? -
156. What is Caps Lock used for? - Large handwriting
159. Which of the following is not an English font? - Chandrabati
160. What is the number of arrow keys on the keyboard? -4.
161. How many Alt Keys are there on the keyboard? -2
162. How many Windows Key on the keyboard? -2
163 How many ESCs on the keyboard? -1
164. How many Home Key on the keyboard? -1
185. Which computer is called personal computer? -
16. What controls the operating system? - Full
Computer system
16. Which company first made personal computers
By? - Apple.
16. Which is the smaller version of the mainframe computer?
189. What does the word animation mean? Bring to life
160. What is an e-phone? - Internet phone.
161. Name of the world's first automatic calculator - MARK-1
162. Mark-1 was 51 feet long.
163 What is the abacus of Russia called? - Scotia
164. PDP-6 What kind of computer? -Second
185. Light pen is a kind of input device.
16. No disks can be formatted directly. - Floppy disks.
16. What is the special part of RAM Cache? -RAM
16. The number of bits in Windows NT / 2000 is 32
189. Monitor with any generation of computer
Starting circulation? -Third generation.
160. In which generation is the current used PC? -Fourth
161 Where is the information received as input? -
162. A modem is a device that exchanges information.
163 The short name of binary numbers is - -bit.
164. After how many letters in a field? -64.
185. Which is the raw material of computer? -Information.
16. What is the name of the first browser discovered? - Mosaic.
16. Who is the father of C language? - Dennis Ritchie
16. Who invented the super computer? - Seymour
16. What is the name of the first computer of the first generation? - Univac-1
189. What is the unit of measurement of speed of modem? - KBPS
190. What kind of power of software. -Invisible power.
191 Homepage key - a kind of personal ad.
192. Which of the following is not a database package? -Java.
193. How many types of UPS? -2 type.
194. HTML is a one-program
195. Who created the HTML language? Berners-Lee
196. Students can easily master any
Program? Basic program.
196. Which programming language? -C
196. What kind of program is Oracle? -Database
199. 0 and 1 What do you call each of these two numbers? -Bit
200. What is the device used to give computer input called? -
Input device

201. Who is the father of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)? - Swiss
Physicist Martin Sout
202 What is the name of the first search engine in Bangladesh?
203 When was the first conversation on mobile phone? - 3 April
204. June 26, 2011 Google launched a social networking site
Do? - Google Posnas
205 What is Quick Heal? - Antivirus software
207. What is Twitter? - Social networking sites
207. For the first time in 2010, India has its own name
Launch web browser? - Epic.
207. What is Zeus? - Computer virus.
209 January 5, 2010 Google is the first mobile phone
Bring to market? - Nexus-1
210 Facebook in Bangladesh in July 2012
What is the number of users? More than 25 lakh
211. What is the expression of the mind on Facebook? -Status
212. What is the status of Facebook on Twitter? -Tweet
213. Which social networking site is the most
Popular? -Facebook
214. Facebook in the world until June 2012
What is the number of users? - 90 crore.
215. What is the name of the site to upload Google images? - Picasa
216. Which memory is too hard to delete?
216. Where are the instructions for starting the computer stored? -
216. Which company was the first to make hard disk? -
219. What kind of device is a digital camera? -Input device
220. Which part of the laptop acts as a mouse? - Touch pad
221. When did the pen drive first come on the market? -In 2000.
222. Where is the separate port for playing games? -
On the graphics card
223 In what year was the first hard disk made? - In 1956.
224. How many letters are there in computer language? - 2
225 What is the other name of pen drive? Flash drive.
228. In 1973, the United States Defense Forces
How old was the hacker who broke into the website?
19 years.
228. Which is the largest open source of knowledge in the world? -Wikipedia
228. Any harm if someone enters another's web site
What is he called to come back?
White hat hacker.
229. When did the Melissa virus invade the computer world?
By? -In 1999.
230 No company to them for fear of Melissa's attack
Shut down e-mail server? -Microsoft.
231. Who created the Melissa Virus? - David Smith
232. David in the crime of making Melissa Virus
What was Smith convicted of? - 10 years in prison?
233. What is Mydoom Worm? - Computer virus.
234. In 2004, a computer virus entered the cyber world
Causing extensive damage?
- Mydoom Worm
235. How many Mydoom Worm computer viruses together
Attacks the computer? -250,000.
236. If someone enters another's website, his website
What is he called random?
-Black hat hacker.
236. Illegal access to confidential parts of other people's websites
What is reading called? - Hacking
236. Exactly copying any information from the internet
What is it called to continue like yourself?
- Passionism.
239. What is a computer virus? - A kind of program.
240 What is the name of the first Bangla writing software? - Martyr
241. In what year was Shahid Lipi software introduced? - 1965
242. How many types of alignment? 4 types.
243 How many functions are there in a keyboard? 12
244. Connector to connect two letters to each other
Which is the middle "key"? -G
245. Bangla keyboard approved by Bangladesh Computer Council
What is the name of the layout? -National keyboard.
246. Automatically with the launch of Microsoft Word
Which one opens? - New document.
246. In what year was Avro introduced? -In 2006.
246. Key written on Vijay Bangla keyboard by English U button
Goes? - J and J.
249. Who created Wikipedia? -People around the world
250. What is the Internet?
A. A network of mixed nature that interconnects a network of two or more different standards through an intermediate system (such as a gateway, router) is called an Internet.

251. Who invented the computer? - A. Howard Aikin.
252. What is the name of the world's first computer? A. ENIAC
253. The first electronic computer made on a commercial basis
What's the name? A. UNIVAC
254. What is the name of the first digital computer? A. Mark-1
255. What is the name of the first personal computer? A. Altair
256. What is the name of the first mini computer? A. PDP-1
256. Who is the originator of mini computer? A. Kenneth H.
256. Computers do not have any features of human brain? A.
Consider intelligence.
259. What is a palmtom? A. A kind of small computer.
260 Where is the world's first and only computer museum
Located? A. In Atlanta, USA.
261. What is the name of the first computer installed in Bangladesh? A.
IBM-1620 series.
272. Where is the first mainframe computer in Bangladesh
Is done in condition? A. In the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.
273 What is Microsoft? A. Well known in the world of computer software
264. It is made up of analog and digital computers
Hybrid computer
265 The ‘CIH’ virus is a global catastrophe on computers to date
Creates? A. April 27, 1999.
26. Which is the first programming language of computer? A. ADA
26. Which one is a graphics software? A. Adobe Photoshop.
26. What is the number of bits in one kilobyte? A. 1024 bytes
269 What is a Web Page? A. Files stored on the server.
260 What is the full form of http? A. Hyper text transfer protocol.
261. Charles Babbage is called the father of what?
A. Computer.
272. Input and output are summarized by a symbol
Is done?
A. I / O
273 What is the control unit?
A. Control Unit
264. How many and what are the classifications of computer on the basis of policy
A. Three, namely: a) Analog. B) Digital. C) Hybrid.
265 What is the origin of the word computer?
A. Computer
26. Write a few input devices.
A. Keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera etc.
26. Write a few output devices.
A. Printers, plotters, monitors, projectors etc.
26. What does the word computer mean?
A. To calculate.
26. What is the number of control keys on the keyboard?
A. 2.
260 What does mouse kick mean?
A. Left mouse button pressed.
261. What is not part of the CPU?
A. Memory.
272. When did the first microprocessor technology appear?
A. In 1971.
273 How many computer peripherals can be divided?
A. In three parts.
264. Difference engine or subtraction instrument is made
How old?
A. In 18.
265 What are exhaust mouth tools?
A. Output device.
26. What is the main part of the computer memory system?
A. In two parts.
26. What are the main features of a computer?
A. Kantihinata.
26. What is the name of the first electronic computer?
A. Univac.
269 Which is the main language of computer?
A. English.
290 In how many years the first generation of computer?
A. 1951-1957.
291 What is the name of the first computer installed in Bangladesh?
A. IBM 1820 mainframe.
292 How long is the computer installed in Bangladesh?
A. In 1984.
293 The computer depends on the type and nature of work
How many can be divided?
A. In 3 parts.
294. What kind of device is a mouse?
A. Input device.
295 How many buttons are there in the mouse?
A. 2.
298 How much of the computer hardware can be divided?
A. In five parts.
298 How does the computer work?
A. Input-CPU-output.
298 Being the full form of CPU.
A. Central Processing Unit.
299 Year of discovery of microprocessor-?
A. 1971.
300. Which computer works in the measurement system?
A. Analog computer.

301. How many types of digital computers?
A. 4 types.
302. The most powerful computer is 8
A. Super computer.
303 How many super computers are there in Bangladesh?
A. Not one.
305. What was the first computer in Bangladesh?
A. Mainframe.
306. What does the word micro mean?
A. Udra.
306. What does the word P.C. mean?
A. Personal computer. 

306. What kind of computer is PDA?
A. Microcomputer.
309. Which instrument was made by Charles Babbage?
A. Difference engine.
310 What was the first commercial computer made on a commercial basis?
A. Univac.
311. Which company made the first microprocessor?
A. Apple.
312. How many generations of computers?
A. 5.
313 What is the biggest difference between a computer and all other electronic devices?
A. Programming instruments.
314. What are the main features of a computer?
A. 2.
315 What is the current era called?
A. The age of information technology.
316. What is the calculation of the working speed of the computer?
A. In nanoseconds.
316. 1 millisecond is equal to one fraction of 1 second
How much?
A. One thousand.
316. 1 nanosecond is a fraction of a second?
A. One hundredth of a part of time.
319 What does it mean to display incorrect results on a computer?
A. Data input was incorrect.
320. 1 nanosecond = how many seconds?
A. He.
321. What do you mean by hardware?
A. Hard material.
322. What is not a computer bus?
323. Which disk cannot be directly formatted?
A. Fopy disk.
324. What are the keys of the keyboard Ritsha, Asah, Jhajaravah
A. Modifier Key.
325. How many keys are on the keyboard?
A. 104-110.
328. Which is the special device of computer?
A. Motherboard.
328. How many types of drives are there in the computer?
A. There are three types.
328. How many parts can the CPU be divided into?
A. In three parts.
329. As an input output to first generation computers
What was used.
A. Punch card.
330. Ted Huff was a student of which university?
A. Stanford University.
331. ‘Ted Huff’ has been an effective microprocessor for years
Made models?
A. In 1980.
332. What was the name of the microprocessor made by Ted Huff?
A. Computer in a chip.
333. What does the microprocessor do?
A. To process information.
334. Which part of the microprocessor?
A. ALU, control unit, RAM etc.
335. Which is not part of the microprocessor?
A. Register array.
338. Any part of the microprocessor to process data
A. Mathematical unit.
338. Which part of microprocessor is used for data processing?
338. What is the name of the temporary data that is used to perform the processing work in the mathematical reasoning unit?
A. Operand.
339. The work of the mathematical reasoning unit of the microprocessor can be divided into how many parts?
A. In three parts.
340. How many parts can the instruction cycle / instruction cycle be divided into?
A. In 2 parts.
. Where is the data stored temporarily during the CPU's data processing work?
A. In the register.
341. Registering:
A. Temporary data storage space in the central processing area.
342. Which register is used to store mathematical results?
A. Accumulator register.
343 What are the computer buses?
A. Control bus, database, face cycle, PCI.
344. What are the features of RAM?
A. Data is deleted when the power goes out.
345 Who is the first computer programmer?
A. Lady Agda August.
348. What is the full form of I.B.M?
A. International Business Machine.
348. According to the nature of work, the computer is divided into three parts, what are they?
A. Analog, digital, hybrid.
348. What are the three types of printers?
A. Laser, inkjet, dot matrix.
349. Light pen is a kind of - what?
A. Input device.
350. What is used to print dot matrix printers?
A. With the help of pins and ribbons.

351. Which is the high density printing press?
A. Laser printer.
352. What kind of plotter instrument?
A. Output device.
353 What is a plotter?
A. A type of printer for printing maps and other designs that is printed with the help of a pen.
354. What kind of device is a modem?
A. Input and output devices that exchange information.
355. Computer language with the help of any device
Information can be sent and received by converting the language of the telephone and the language of the telephone into the language of the computer.
A. Modem.
356. What is the short form of Modulator and Demodulator?
356. What is not needed in a digital camera?
A. Film.
356. What is a post script?
A. The language of the printer.
359. What is the technical name of personal computer?
A. Microcomputer.
360. What is a clone?
A. Duplicate IBM PC.
361. What was the name of the 8070 based computer with microprocessor?
A. Altair.
362. In which year did IBM launch a microcomputer called PC?
A. In 1971.
363 What is the name of the chief software architect / founder of Microsoft company?
A. Bill Gates.
364. Which computer is used for military tactics, weather forecasting, oil and gas exploration, etc.?
A. Super computer.
365 Is it connected to the motherboard?
A. Processor and RAM.
36. Where the firmware is stored.
A. In Rome.
36. Solve all the mathematical and logical problems of the computer.
36. Which operating system does not work?
A. Data processing.
369. In what year was the microprocessor invented?
A. In 1971.
360. Univac Mark-1 is a computer of which generation?
A. First generation.
361. In what year was the transistor invented?
A. In 1947.
362. Intel is a company of which country?
A. United States.
363 The connection of the monitor with any generation of computer begins.
A. In the third generation.
364. Microprocessor is introduced in which generation of computer?
A. Fourth.
365 What are the main features of a computer?
A. Accuracy.
36. My computer is ——–
A. Document folder.
36. Which storage device?
A. Hard disk.
36. What are the benefits of networking?
A. It can be used by many people at once.
369. What does a computer need to work?
A. Operating System.
360. What is a hybrid computer used for?
A. In the spacecraft.
361. What is a function?
A. F10.
362. Microcomputers are: -
A. Drive folder.
363 What is software?
A. The sum of one or more programs.
364. What is BIOS?
A. A pharmacist.
365 What are the features of third generation computer?
A. I.C.
36. How many types of computers according to size and shape?
A. Four types.
36. What kind of computer is the IBM 1620 computer?
A. Mainframe computer.
36. Which is called a readrange computer?
A. Miniframe computer.
36. What are the main parts of computer organization or hardware?
A. Three.
369. What are the parts of central processing?
A. Memory, logic unit, control unit etc.
390 What is the name of the first calculator?
A. Abacus.
391. What is the name of the world's first automatic calculator?
392. What was the length of Mark-1?
A. 51 feet long.
393 Who gave the idea of ​​the program?
A. Dr. John von Neumann.
394. Which was the first commercial computer made on a commercial basis?
A. Univac.
395 In what year was the copyright law enacted in our country?
A. In 1972.
396 How many types of system software?
A. 4 types.
396 How many types of media player software?
A. 2 types.
396 From a practical point of view, computer software can be divided into how many parts?
A. In 3 parts.
399 How many types of software?
A. 2 types.
400. Which is the software related to the database?
A. D-Base.

401 Which is the presentation software?
A. MS power point.
402. The lifeblood of computers / the lifeblood of computer hardware
What? A. Software.
403 What is the name of the computer disk that contains the system software?
A. RAM space.