The biggest problem for many people is deciding which one to buy between laptop and desktop. Both types of computers have different advantages. So both can be bought if possible. But if you have to choose between the two because of your budget, then this post is for you.

There is no end to the hesitation in people's minds, especially when it comes to buying something. And if you have to go within the budget, then you have to buy everything with a lot of thought. Nowadays, a personal computer has become very essential, whether it is for study, work or just for entertainment. Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a huge computer, but now there are many types of PCs. At the same time, there is growing confusion about who will buy what.


Because laptops are relatively small in size, it is costly for manufacturers to assemble its complete structure and components. That's why laptops cost a little more than desktops. This means that you can buy a much more powerful desktop at the same price than the type of laptop you get on the same budget. Significant differences remain between them in specification. The same clock-speed, generation and series desktop and laptop processor performance is not the same. Laptop processors are built to be battery-friendly, and desktop processors are more likely to think about performance. The cooling system on the desktop is also good, so performance can be boosted by overclocking. The same thing applies with graphics cards. You will get a good performance laptop PC, but in that case you have to spend a lot of money. So if your performance is a consideration, then desktop PCE will definitely win in any budget.

Parts assembly and repair

You can customize the desktop as easily as you need. You can make your PC with the kind and quality of the parts you need. Being able to upgrade parts conveniently is one of the great advantages of the desktop. You can change and upgrade almost every small part of your PC over time and as needed. This opportunity is very limited on laptops. You can upgrade the RAM and storage on the laptop. As a result, in the case of buying a laptop, you should buy futurist at the beginning. This is a big problem for budget buyers. In this case also the desktop is the winner.

Easy to carry

Nowadays computer work is not limited to your office or home. You may want to finalize your presentation by going somewhere or sitting in a traffic jam - but in that case a portable device is needed. Moreover, those who have to do some light work all day, they often want to work lying down / sitting. In that case laptop can give you this facility. Besides thinking about power backup and load shedding, laptop is the winner. If you need a portable computer, there is no alternative to a laptop.

Advantages of use

The laptop is best as a small complete package with beautiful design, compact body, integrated webcam or fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the touch screen in modern laptops will allow you to work easily and quickly. You may also find these on the desktop using a separate component, but you will not get this simplicity without a laptop. Moreover, there is no alternative to a notebook (laptop) PC to take to class or office meetings. So in this case laptop will win.

Purpose and requirements

The first thing to consider is what work you will use the PC for and what your budget is. The reason for the budget is that on the same budget you can get a much better performance desktop than a laptop. Again you will get the convenience of carrying it easily on the laptop. And you should consider what kind of user you are, whether that high-performance machine will work for you at all, or whether your portable average-performance computer is enough!

Playing games and heavy work

Needless to say, desktop PCs are also more convenient for those who like gaming or play regular games. Nowadays, there are many laptops specially made for gaming, but to be honest, you will hardly find a laptop that can surpass the performance of a desktop. So gamers or those who work with heavy graphics can give priority to the desktop.

Decision: Desktop or laptop? Which one should be buy?

All in all, if you work from one place most of the time and you want to buy a PC for heavy tasks including gaming, then buy a good quality desktop. And if you need fair quality gaming or low load work (net browsing, Microsoft Office, TukTuk Photoshop, text / code editor) as well as portability, then buy a laptop keeping in mind the specifications.

And if you have a limited budget, you can take a mid-range notebook if you want a portable device. In that case, you should take a look at the benefits of upgrading. And if you work with general browsing and documents and want portability, you can get an entry level laptop for around 30,000 rupees.