Government and Private Bank Previous English MCQ Question and Solution Taken By AUST

01. It is not easy for a country with high fiscal deficits, high inflation, _______ banks and one that is _____ to macro panics to completely open up its capital account.
(A) week, privy
(B) failing, level
(C) weak, prone
(D) None of these
Answer: (C) weak, prone

02. The family looked for a double bedroom ________for three days.
(A) soot
(B) suit
(C) suite
(D) sweet
Answer: (C) suite

03. It is natural in every man to wish _______distinction.
(A) on
(B) for
(C) of
(D) to
Answer: (B) for

04. I am exactly like my mother. I think I have _______her.
(A) taken to
(B) taken off
(C) taken over
(D) taken after
Answer: (D) taken after

05. The ship’s restaurant is located _____ the sun deck.
(A) under
(B) on
(C) in
(D) over
Answer: (B) on

06.  __________ his parents allow him or not, Anis intends to go to the party.
(A) Whether
(B) Although
(C) Despite
(D) While
Answer: (A) Whether

07. The environmental damage caused by the oil spill will likely last —-
(A) to several years
(B) severally years
(C) for several years
(D) year several
Answer: (C) for several years

08. The man was in ______ health that the family began to consider whether he could continue to live in his home.
(A) so bad
(B) such worse
(C) so badly
(D) such bad
Answer: (D) such bad

09. After ——— suspended for misbehavior the student requested reconsideration.
(A) having been
(B) having
(C) have
(D) was
Answer: (C) having

10. The oncologist studied the results of the biopsy and decided _____ additional tests.
(A) should order
(B) to order
(C) he should ordering
(D) ordering
Answer: (B) to order

11. One should be careful about ______ duty.
(A) their
(B) one
(C) one’s
(D) the
Answer: (C) one’s

(12-19) Find The ERROR word or phrase -
12. A large (A) number of automobile (B) part are now (C) made of plastic (D) instead of steel.
(A) number
(B) part
(C) made
(D) instead
Answer: (B) part
Hint;  parts

13. Although a kangaroo (A) normally uses (B) its large feet and strong legs (C) for hopping, (D) but it can also swim.
(A) normally
(B) its large feet
(C) for hopping
(D) but it can
Answer: (D) but it can
Hint;  Although থাকার জন্য but ব্যবহার করার প্রয়োজন নাই।

14. The first thing that catches your eye (A) in this building (B) is the flour (C) with laser lights (D).
(A) eye
(B) building
(C) flour
(D) lights
Answer:  (C) flour

15. Canals are (A) artificial waterways, often constructed (B) either to transport heavy loads or to (C) delivering water (D) to cities and farms.
(A) artificial
(B) either
(C) delivering
(D) to cities
Answer: (C) delivering
Hint;  deliver হবে।

16. The pump (A) shut off (B)  as a result (C) of a mecanical (D) failure.
(A) pump
(B) off
(C) result
(D) mecanical
Answer:  (D) mecanical
Hint;  Spelling mistake- mechanical.

17. The book is full (A) of updated (B) and contemparary (C) commentary (D).
(A) full
(B) updated
(C) contemporary
(D) commentary
Answer: (C) contemporary

18. Roshni was found (A) of pets and she was a proud (B)  owner of many unique (C) animals (D)
(A) found
(B) proud
(C) unique
(D) animals
Answer: (A) found
Hint;   fond হবে।

19. (A) The pineapple, a fruit (B) grow in tropical climates (C) throughout the world, (D) is native to parts of South America.
(A) The
(B) grow
(C) throughout
(D) is
Answer: (B) grow
Hint;   growing হবে।

(21-25) Fill in the blank with right option -
20. Voting took place peacefully __________ most of the country,
(a) across
(b) besides
(c) into
(d) for
Answer: (a) across

21. His name rings a ________ but I am unable to remember him
(a) toll
(b) bell
(C) cymbal
(d) chime
Answer: (b) bell

22. I __________ caught the bus if I had hurried.
(a) could have
(b) can have
(c) cannot have
(d) could not have
Answer: (a) could have

23. The department of heavy industries plans to ______ a vibrant ecosystem for the capital goods sector to ______ manpower issues.
(A) organize, unfold
(B) export, resolve
(C) create, address
(D) start, decide
Answer: (C) create, address

24. She usually _______ the baby down for sleep at this time
(a) lies
(b) lied
(c) lay
(d) lays
Answer: (c) lays

25. I promise to _________ you in all circumstances.
(a) stand up to
(b) stand with
(c) stand off
(d) stand by
Answer: (b) stand with

(26-33) Find The correct spelling -
26. Which one is correct?
(A) Acquariam
(B) Aquarium
(C) Acquerium
(D) Aquarim
Answer: (B) Aquarium

27. Which one is correct?
(A) Waitres
(B) Waitress
(D) Waitres
(C) Waittress
Answer: (B) Waitress

28. Which one is correct?
(A) Vertebrete
(B) Vertebratte
(C) Vertebrate
(D) Verrtebrate
Answer: (C) Vertebrate

29. Which one is correct?
(A) Judiceary
(B) Judiciary
(C) Judeacry
(D) Judiciery
Answer: (B) Judiciary

30. Which one is correct?
(A) Amatuer
(B) Amature
(C) Amateur
(D) Ameteur
Answer: (C) Amateur

31. Which one is correct?
(A) Tentamount
(B) Tantramount
(C) Tantemount
(D) Tantamount
Answer: (D) Tantamount

32. Which one is correct?
(A) Omineous
(B) Ommineous
(C) Omerous
(D) Ominous
Answer: (D) Ominous

33. Which one is correct?
(A) Quotient
(B) Quoteient
(C) Quetient
(D) Quetient
Answer: (A) Quotient

(34-39) Find The Antonyms Of Given Words -
34. Gaudy
(A) Sumptuous
(B) Ostentatious
(C) Modest
(D) Blatant
Answer:  (C) Modest

35. Effervescent
(A) Vivacious
(B) Dull
(C) Mediocre
(D) Generous
Answer: (B) Dull

36. Accumulate
(A) Amass
(B) Produce
(C) Gather
(D) Scatter
Answer: (D) Scatter

37. Abundant
(A) Scarce
(B) Acrimonious
(C) Ingenuous
(D) Heavenly
Answer:  (A) Scarce

38. Costly
(A) Frugal
(B) Economical
(C) Thrifty
(D) Expensive
Answer:  (B) Economical

39. Forbid
(A) Forgive
(B) Refuse
(C) Allow
(D) Deprive
Answer: (C) Allow

(40-50) Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair -
40. Wood: Sand
(A) metal : burnish
(B) coal : burn
(C) brick : lay
(D) oil : polish
Answer: (A) metal : burnish
Exp: Sand is used to make wood brighter; burnish is used to make metal brighter.

41. Curdle: Milk
(A) flow : water
(B) change : oil
(C) brew: coffee
(D) clot: blood
উত্তর:  (D) clot: blood
Exp: Milk জমাট বেধে Curdle হয়; আর, Blood জমাট বেধে Clot হয়।

42. Conscious : Careless
(A) careful : ugly
(B) graceful: ugly
(C) generous : unkind
(D) careful : indifferent
উত্তর:  (D) careful : indifferent
Exp: পরস্পর বিপরীত শব্দ।

43. vindictive: Mercy
(A) Avaricious: Greed
(B) Skeptical: Trustfulness
(C) Insightful: Hope
(D) Modest: Dignity
Answer: (B) Skeptical: Trustfulness
Exp: প্রথমটা দ্বিতীয়টার বিপরীত।

44. Harm : Damage
(A) sweet : sour
(B) stout : weak
(C) hook : crook
(D) injure : incapacitate
Answer: (D) injure : incapacitate
Exp: Harm Damages something; injure incapacitates something.

45. Insult : Humiliate
(A) Shoot : Kill
(B) Abuse : Disrespect
(C) Injury : Pungent
(D) None of these
Answer: (B) Abuse : Disrespect
Exp: Insult এর মাধ্যমে Humiliate করা হয়; Abuse এর মাধ্যমে Disrespect করা হয়।

46. Ostrich: Bird
(A) bud : leaf
(B) tiger : cat
(C) guest : storm
(D) lizard : frog
উত্তর:  (B) tiger : cat
Answer: Ostrich- একধরণের Bird আর Tiger- এক ধরণের Cat.

(a) Insightful: Hope
(b) Modest : Dignity
(c) Avaricious: Greed
(d) Skeptical: Credulity
Answer: (d) Skeptical: Credulity

48. Explore : Discover
(A) read : skim
(B) research : learn
(C) write : print
(D) sleep : wake
Answer: (B) research : learn
Exp: One explores to discover; one researches to learn.

(a) Metal : Silver
(b) Ore: Gold
(c) Mine : Coal
(d) None of these
Answer: (c) Mine : Coal

(a) Gouge : Engrave
(b) Snip : Mince
(c) Hew: Fell
(d) Grind : Polish
Answer: (a) Gouge : Engrave

(51-62) Fill in the blank with right preposition -
51. I decided that I couldn’t put _____ their thoughtless behavior any longer.
(A) up
(B) off
(C) up with
(D) through to
Answer: (C) up with

52. The papers are to be prepared ____ a month.
(A) within
(B) by
(C) on
(D) in
Answer: (A) within

53. Nature has given us an abundant wealth ____ the form of forests.
(A) by
(B) in
(C) at
(D) with
Answer: (B) in

54. Fate smiles______ those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.
(A) on
(B) with
(C) round
(D) over
Answer: (A) on

55. The view ___the open window is very pretty.
(A) through
(B) by
(C) along
(D) to
Answer: (A) through

56. A defect can be caused _______ negligence by one of the members of a team.
(A) to
(B) by
(C) at
(D) in
Answer: (B) by

57. Children must be ____ with love and care.
(A) brought about
(B) brought as
(C) brought for
(D) brought up
Answer: (D) brought up

58. I just had to _____ the orders of my employer.
(A) carry on
(B) carry through
(C) carry away
(D) carry out
Answer: (D) carry out (update করা হল।)
carry on = continue an activity or task.
carry away = become overly excited
carry through  = to complete something that was planned.
59. Many modern medicines are derived _____ plants and animals.
(A) from
(B) on
(C) for
(D) in
Answer: (A) from
60. Organizing some extra-curricula activities has occupied a lot of my time recently
(a) taken in
(b) taken up
(c) taken over
(d) taken after
Answer: (b) taken up
61. He went ________ to oblige his superior.
(A) on his way
(B) in his way
(C) with his way
(D) out of his way
Answer:  (D) out of his way

62. The teachers said that they were no longer prepared to _____ the ways of the new Headmaster.
(A) put up with
(B) put up to
(C) put on with
(D) put over with
Answer: (A) put up with

(63-75) Fill in the blank with right option -
63.  _______ pollution control measures are expensive; many industries hesitate to adopt them.
(A) Despite
(B) However
(C) Although
(D) Because
Answer: (D) Because

64. Someone who is____ is hopeful about the future or the success of something in particular
(A) powerful
(B) pessimistic
(C) stagnant
(D) optimistic
Answer: (D) optimistic
Exp: optimistic can be hopeful.

65. At times he gets very angry, and then no one can ______ him.
(A) prevent
(B) satisfy
(C) mollify
(D) humor
Answer: (C) mollify

66. While on a tour, tourists is only given a _______ time at each place of attraction
(A) particular
(B) limited
(C) confined
(D) certain
Answer: (D) certain

67. Google is one of the most popular search engines; it is ______ by the internet users.
(A) utilized
(B) effected
(C) examined
(D) flabbergasted
Answer: (A) utilized

68. The __________ chosen for construction of the building is in the heart of the city.
(A) cite
(B) site
(C) slight
(D) sight
Answer:  (B) site

69. Obviously, objectives occasionally ___________ be modified or changed.
(A) must to
(B) have to
(C) shouldn’t
(D) ought
Answer:  (B) have to

70. It’s not easy to change people’s _______toward a certain problem
(A) idea
(B) opinion
(C) attitude
(D) thinking
Answer: (C) attitude

71. Cellular phone service has ______ a new phase of communication.
(A) called
(B) started
(C) paved
(D) ushered
Answer: (D) ushered

72. AIDS is not a dieseas that can be ______ through the air or by insects.
(A) circulated
(B) transferred
(C) transmitted
(D) disseminated
Answer: (C) transmitted

73. I shall ring you up as soon as ________.
(A) I will arrive
(B) I arrive
(C) I shall arrive
(D) I shall be arriving
Answer: (B) I arrive

74. She stands a good chance, _____ only two people are contesting the seat and the other candidate is very unpopular.
(A) while
(B) since
(C) but
(D) and
Answer: (B) since

75. _______ his being innocent of the crime, the judge sentenced him to one year imprisonment.
(A) In spite of
(B) In case of
(C) On account of
(D) In the event of
Answer: (A) In spite of

75. Many forms of cancer can be cured if _____ early.
(A) Detected
(B) Detecting
(C) Detect
(D) None of these
Answer: (A) Detected

(76-90) Find The Antonyms Of Given Words -
(A) Volcano : Lava
(B) Sea : Water
(C) Heart: Artery
(D) Hunger : Bred
Answer: (A) Volcano : Lava
Exp: Tears flow from eyes in the same way lava flows from volcano.

(A) Pelt: Fur
(B) Rice Farm
(C) Skin : Gout
(D) Wool : Sheep
Answer: (A) Pelt: Fur
Exp: Second grows on the first.

78. Torrent: Droplet
(A) water: eddy
(B) swamp: desert
(C) avalanche : pebble
(D) hurricane : wreckage
Answer: (C) avalanche : pebble
Exp: A torrent (violent downpour or rushing stream) is made up of droplets. As avalanche or sudden fall of rocks, snow or earth is made up of pebbles.

(A) Radiation : Bomb
(B) Bank: Cashier
(C) Comment: Insult
(D) Writing: Plagiarism
Answer: (D) Writing: Plagiarism
Exp: Peculation means unauthorized use of money of others. Plagiarism is the unauthorized use of other’s writing.

(A) hunger : thirst
(B) law: anarchy
(C) love: treason
(D) etiquette: discipline
Answer: (B) law: anarchy
Exp: Medicine is used to prevent illness, in the same way that law is meant to prevent anarchy.

(A) plagiarize : borrow
(B) pilfer: steal
(C) explode: ignite
(D) consider: appeal
Answer: (A) plagiarize : borrow
Exp: EXTORT is to OBTAIN dishonestly. PLAGIARIZE is to BORROW dishonestly.

82. Debate: Soliloquy
(A) Elegant : Regal
(B) Ovation : Silence
(C) Group: Hermit
(D) None of these
Answer: (C) Group: Hermit
Exp: 1st is the opposite of the 2nd.

83. Arena: Conflict
(A) Forum: Discussion
(B) Mirage: Reality
(C) Asylum: Pursuit
(D) Utopia: Place
Answer: (A) Forum: Discussion
Exp: Arena is the place of Conflict same as Forum is the place of Discussion.

(A) Cotton: wool
(B) Fragrance: perfume
(C) Boast: Humble
(D) None of these
Answer: (C) Boast: Humble
Exp: One is opposite of other.

85. Yolk : Egg
(A) nucleus : cell
(B) duck : fowl
(C) web : spider
(D) rind : melon
Answer: (A) nucleus : cell
Exp: Yolk be in the center of Egg; nucleus be in the center of cell.
AUST Bank English Question

86. Waitress : Restaurant
(A) Doctor : Diagnosis
(B) Actor : Role
(C) Driver : Truck
(D) Teacher : School
Answer: (D) Teacher : School
Exp: A waitress works in a restaurant; a teacher works in a school.

(A) Dog : Bark
(B) Shoot : Kill
(C) Injury : Pungent
(D) Abuse : happy
Answer: (B) Shoot : Kill
Exp: Insult causes to humiliation same as Shoot causes to kill.

(A) Team: Goalposts
(B) Conductor : Podium
(C) Audience : Seats
(D) Referee : Decision
Answer: (C) Audience : Seats
Exp: Fans are seated in bleachers (roofless seats that cost less) Audience occupy seats.

89. Light : Blind
(A) Language : Deaf
(B) Speech : Dumb
(C) Tongue : Sound
(D) voice: vibration
Answer: (B) Speech : Dumb
Exp:  A blind can’t see Light. A dumb can’t speak.

90. Binding : Book
(A) Nail : Hammer
(B) Criminal : Gang
(C) Frame : Picture
(D) Artist : Carpenter
Answer: (C) Frame : Picture
Exp: A binding surrounds a book; a frame surrounds a picture.

(91-103) Find out the best Synonyms from the given sentences -
91. When the leadership changed, his position in the organization became precarious.
(A) secure
(B) exalted
(C) important
(D) uncertain
Answer: (D) uncertain

92. There was no doubt that the judgment was fair.
(A) insincere
(B) biased
(C) upright
(D) inconsiderate
Answer: (C) upright

93. My mother takes the responsibility for running the household.
(a) moving quickly
(b) going
(c) managing
(d) none of these
Answer: (c) managing

94. Travel insurance is sometimes mistaken for temporary health insurance, but the two are different.
(A) transitory
(B) passing
(C) mutable
(D) permanent
Answer: (A) transitory

95. People of diverse backgrounds now go to different places for pleasure, business or education.
(a) distinctive
(b) isolated
(c) distant
(d) different
Answer: (d) different

96. Computer has revolutionized office procedures more than any machine of modern time.
(a) has any machine
(b) any other machine
(c) other machine
(d) none of these
Answer: (b) any other machine

97. She came to the meeting late on purpose so she would miss the introductory speech.
(A) aiming at
(B) intentionally
(C) reasonably
(D) with a goal
Answer: (B) intentionally

98. Don’t eat just any Innocuous looking mushroom you see around.
(A) harmful
(B) harmless
(C) innocent
(D) conspicuous
Answer: (B) harmless

99. It is not possible for people to recall everything that they have thought, felt, or done.
(A) appreciate
(B) remember
(C) repeat
(D) discuss
Answer: (B) remember

100. Receptors for the sense of smell are located at the top of the nasal cavity.
(A) upper end
(B) inner edge
(C) mouth
(D) division
Answer: (A) upper end

101.The supply of food and beverage for the program was abundant.
(A) inadequate
(B) substandard
(C) excellent
(D) plentiful
Answer: (D) plentiful

102. Assertive people are generally more decisive.
(A) Docile
(B) Articulate
(C) Confident
(D) Compliant
Answer: (C) Confident

103. People of diverse backgrounds now go to different places for pleasure, business or education.
(A) distinctive
(B) isolated
(C) distant
(D) different
Answer: (D) different

(104-116) Find The correct spelling -
104. Which one is correct?
(A) Cappricious
(B) Caprisious
(C) Carisuous
(D) Capricious
Answer: (D) Capricious

105. Which one is correct?
(A) Lassivious
(B) Lascivious
(C) Lacivoius
(D) Lasivious
উত্তর:  (B) Lascivious

106. Which one is correct?
(A) Adulation
(B) Adlation
(C) Aduletion
(D) Addulation
Answer: (A) Adulation

107. Which one is correct?
(A) Eflorescence
(B) Eflorescence
(C) Efflorescence
(D) Enorascence
Answer: (C) Efflorescence

108. Which one is correct?
(A) Adventitous
(B) Adventitious
(C) Adventitus
(D) Adventituous
Answer: (B) Adventitious

109.Which one is correct?
(a) Acquaintance
(b) Aqunintance
(c) Aquantence
(d) Aquaintence
Answer: (a) Acquaintance

110. Which one is correct?
(A) ugliest
(B) ugliiest
(C) ugleest
(D) uggliest
Answer: (A) ugliest

111. Which one is correct?
(A) Leiutenant
(B) Luietenent
(C) Lieutanent
(D) Lieutenant
Answer: (D) Lieutenant

112. Which one is correct?
(a) Faxsimile
(b) Fachsimile
(c) Facsimile
(d) Factsimile
Answer: (c) Facsimile

113. Which one is correct?
(A) Heiritage
(B) Heritage
(C) Heratage
(D) Heretage
Answer: (B) Heritage

114. Which one is correct?
(A) Aberrant
(В) Abbarant
(C) Aberant
(D) Abberant
Answer: (A) Aberrant

115. Which one is correct?
(A) pretyier
(B) prettyer
(C) pretiyer
(D) prettier
Answer: (D) prettier

116. Which one is correct?
(A) scurryd
(B) scurried
(C) scurryied
(D) scuried
Answer: (B) scurried

(117-141) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words -
117. If you smuggle goods into the country, they may be ____ by the customs authority.
(A) possessed
(B) punished
(C) confiscated
(D) fined
Answer: (C) confiscated

118. _____ Google and Facebook, as the largest platforms for content distribution, are said to be _____ systems that will filter fake news.
(A) Overall, bearing
(B) Neither, facilitating
(C) Each, viewing
(D) Both, creating
Answer: (D) Both, creating

119. Lack of exercise and high fat diets have _____ to be factors in heart attack.
(A) long been known
(B) been long known
(C) known been long
(D) long known been
Ans: (A) long been known

120. The officer has stayed away from ____ populism such as raising the income tax exemption limit.
(A) restricted
(B) classified
(C) overt
(D) furtive
উত্তর:  (C) overt

121. Spring is ________ it will be warmer soon.
(A) to be coming
(B) on the way
(C) coming
(D) prepared now
Ans: (B) on the way

122. Your father _____ worry. I’m a very careful driver.
(A) none
(B) can’t
(C) doesn’t
(D) needn’t
Answer: (D) needn’t

123. It is not _____ for a man to be confined to the pursuit of wealth.
(A) easy
(B) possible
(C) healthy
(D) common
Answer: (C) healthy

124. Creative people are often _____ with their own uniqueness.
(A) obsessed
(B) deranged
(C) unbalanced
(D) dissatisfied
Answer: (A) obsessed

125. Rainfall in the desert is not only low but extremely _______.
(A) intense
(B) erratic
(C) meager
(D) undesirable
Answer: (B) erratic

126. Laughter has a strong social _____ in bonding groups of people together and also helps make the message more _____.
(A) function, relatable
(B) resolution, clear
(C) mobility, harmful
(D) intensity, plain
Answer: (A) function, relatable

127. Mohit was advised to take ______ since he broke his leg in the accident.
(A) medicine
(B) coffee
(C) leftover
(D) rest
উত্তর:  (D) rest

128. We must Endeavour to _______ the miseries of poor.
(A) mitigate
(B) elaborate
(C) discourage
(D) Augment
উত্তর:  (A) mitigate

129. Special _____ are made for their meals, but officials _____ the long working hours without any over time.
(A) proposals, due
(B) parties, view
(C) rules, mew
(D) arrangements, rue
Answer: (D) arrangements, rue

130. Complete shutdown ___ observed today against new law.
(A) is being
(B) can be
(C) is been
(D) was been
উত্তর:  (C) is being
Exp: Passive voice of present continuous tense.

131. The ____ of fake news is not new or recent, only its potential to reach people has _____ due to online platforms and applications that are free.
(A) arrival, declined
(B) insurance, purged
(C) advent, amplified
(D) news, roughened
Answer: (C) advent, amplified

132. The traditional practices of yoga lay great ______ on the importance of ___ in the form of pranayama.
(A) stress, exercise
(B) emphasis, breathing
(C) faith, controlling
(D) motion, body
Answer: (B) emphasis, breathing

133. _________ some employers oppose the very existence of unions, many theorists stress the necessity of unions.
(A) Because
(B) Due to
(C) However
(D) Although
Answer: (D) Although

134. The emergency services ______ the accident site as soon as the news of the train collision was _______ to them.
(A) reached, relayed
(B) suspended, omitted
(C) carried. postponed
(D) marked, transferred
Answer: (A) reached, relayed

135. Market leaders usually want to ____ their market share even further, or at least to protect their current market share.
(A) decrease
(B) dominate
(C) increase
(D) establish
Answer: (C) increase

136. The employees ______ about the closure before the announcement was made public.
(A) know
(B) knew
(C) known
(D) have known
Answer: (B) knew

137. ______ it was a holiday, the doctor performed the emergency surgery on the heart patient.
(A) During
(B) Even
(C) Although
(D) So
Answer: (C) Although

138. The company _____spouses of employees in the invitation to the banquet.
(A) are included
(B) have included
(C) is including
(D) has including
Answer: (C) is including

139. We cannot process the order ______ we get a copy of the purchase order.
(A) until
(B) that
(C) because
(D) when
Answer: (A) until

140. The trade deficit has been growing rapidly, and the capital inflows _____ to fund it could get disrupted in case US monetary policy gets tightened ______ than expected.
(A) Mandate, equal
(B) Needed, more
(c) Required, higher
(D) Both B and D
Answer: (D) Both B and D

141. The _____ to e-buses would not lower the level of emissions but merely ____ their place of origin.
(A) Evolution, vary
(B) Transition, change
(C) Shift, altered
(D) Altercation, destroy
Answer: (B) Transition, change

(142-151) Find out The correct spelling -
142. Which one is correct?
(A) Adulterate
(B) Adeldurate
(C) Adulterat
(D) Adultarate
উত্তর:  (A) Adulterate

143. Which one is correct?
(A) Extantion
(B) Extention
(C) Extansion
(D) Extension
Answer: (D) Extension

144. Which one is correct?
(a) Presinct
(b) Precinct
(c) Pricinet
(d) Prescint
Answer: (b) Precinct

145. Which one is correct?
(A) Collateral
(B) Colateral
(C) Colleteral
(D) Collataral
Answer: (A) Collateral

146. Which one is correct?
(A) Dicotomy.
(B) Dicotemy
(C) Dichotomy
(D) Dechotomy
উত্তর:  (C) Dichotomy

147. Which one is correct?
(a) Transeint
(b) Transient
(c) Trancient
(d) Transent
Answer:  (b) Transient

148. Which one is correct?
(a) Collosal
(b) Collossal
(c) Colosal
(d) Colossal
Answer: (d) Colossal

149. Which one is correct?
(A) Ridiculus
(B) Rcdiculous
(C) Ridiculas
(D) Ridiculous
Answer: (D) Ridiculous

150. Which one is correct?
(A) Lisense
(B) License
(C) Lisence
(D) Licents
Answer: (B) License

151. Which one is correct?
(A) Questionere
(B) Questionaire
(C) Questionnaire
(D) Questionare
Answer: (C) Questionnaire

(152-160) Find out best opposite meaning from the given words -
(A) renown
(B) trepidation
(C) unconventionality
(D) remoteness
Answer: (C) unconventionality

(A) establishment
(B) Retribution
(C) Compliance
(D) Futility
Answer: (A) establishment

155. Illustrious
(A) Unknown
(B) Conspicuous
(C) Venerable
(D) Resplendent
Answer: (A) Unknown

156. ACUTE
(A) Sharp
(B) Critical
(C) Dull
(D) Sensitive
Answer: (C) Dull

(A) Straight-Forward
(B) Easy
(C) Complex
(D) Plain
Answer: (B) Easy

(A) Retrace
(B) Curtail
(C) Distract
(D) Expose
Answer: (B) Curtail

(A) Ethical
(B) Impetuous
(C) Succinct
(D) Lewd
Answer: (A) Ethical

(A) Ordered
(B) Alternative
(C) Essential
(D) Compulsory
Answer: (D) Compulsory

(A) Poverty
(B) Continuance
(C) Diffidence
(D) Insurance
Answer: (A) Poverty

(A) Eagerness
(B) Weakness
(C) Softness
(D) Indifference
Answer: (D) Indifference

163. Hostile
(A) negative
(B) positive
(C) inimical
(D) friendly
Answer: (D) friendly

164. GAUNT
(A) Emaciated
(B) Plump
(C) Somber
(D) Piquant
Answer: (B) Plump

(165-171) Find out incorrect part of the sentence and choose the right option to correction -
165. By such time you finish that chapter, I will write a letter.
(A) By the time
(B) The time when
(C) By that time
(D) The time
Answer: (A) By the time

166. Today, this is totally different world than we have seen in the last decade.
(A) since we have seen
(B) from what we have seen
(C) from what we seen
(D) None of these
Answer: (B) from what we have seen
Exp: Different+from বসে।

167. We demonstrated to them how we were prepared the artistic patterns.
(A) are prepared
(H) have prepared
(C) had prepared
(D) are preparing
Answer: (C) had prepared

168. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much an achievement as to finish a 400-page novel.
(A) it is to finish
(B) if to finish
(C) finishing
(D) to have finished
Answer: (C) finishing
Exp: Writing = write+ing same as to+finish will be finish+ing = finishing

169. She cooks, washes dishes, does her homework and then relaxing.
(A) relaxing then
(B) then is relaxing
(C) relaxing is then
(D) then relaxes
Answer: (D) then relaxes

170. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only.
(A) signatures
(B) initials
(C) pictures
(D) middle names
Answer: (B) initials

171. One of the most significant phenomenons of our time has been the development of cinema.
(A) phenomenon
(B) phenomena
(C) phenomenonna
(D) phenomenonins
Answer: (B) phenomena

(172-190) Select the best expresses a relationship similar (synonyms) to that expressed in the original words -
172. The greatest thing in style is to have a use of metaphor.
(A) knowledge
(B) command
(C) need
(D) No improvement
Answer: (A) knowledge

(A) Loyalty
(B) Sincere
(C) Obedience
(D) Faithful
Ans: (A) Loyalty

(A) Hungry
(B) Wild
(C) Angry
(D) Quick
Answer: (A) Hungry

(A) Punish
(B) Reprimand
(C) Curse
(D) Dismiss
Answer: (B) Reprimand

176. If you are living near a market place you should be ready to bear the disturbances caused by traffic.
(A) to bear upon
(B) to bear away
(C) to bear with
(D) to bear on
Answer: (C) to bear with

177. During his long discourse, he did not touch that point.
(A) touch upon
(B) touch on
(C) touch of
(D) No improvement
Answer: (B) touch on

(A) Undefeated
(B) Tolerable
(C) Unpleasant
(D) Acceptable
Ans: (C) Unpleasant

(A) Restriction
(B) Repression
(C) Obstacle
(D) Hindrance
Answer: (A) Restriction

180. Ruthless
(A) Mindful
(B) Cruel
(C) Merciful
(D) None of them
উত্তর: Cruel

(A) Height
(B) Huge
(C) Large
(D) Massive
Answer: (A) Height
Exp: Huge, ‘Large, Massive denotes something great or big; Height denotes vertical length.

182.Will you kindly open the knot?
(A) untie
(B) break
(C) loose
(D) No improvement
Answer: (A) untie

(A) Deviate
(B) Deviation
(C) Drive
(D) Direction
Ans: (B) Deviation

(A) Sympathy
(B) Pathetic
(C) Talk In Self Control
(D) Anger
Ans: (D) Anger

(A) Courageous
(B) Bold
(C) Daring
(D) Rash
Answer: (D) Rash

(A) Foolish
(B) Insane
(C) Poor
(D) Strained
Answer: (C) Poor

187. Exigency
(A) dilemma
(B) constraint
(C) demand
(D) occasion
উত্তর: (C) demand
Exigency -খুব জরুরী/দরকারী
Dilemma- উভয় সংকট,
Constraint – বাঁধা,
Demand-চাহিদা/যা খুব দরকারী,
Occasion –উপলক্ষ্য

188. Anxiety
(A) worry
(B) comfort
(C) faith
(D) None of them
উত্তর: (A) worry
Exp: Anxiety এর সমার্থক Worry যার অর্থ- উদ্বিগ্ন।

(A) Strategy
(B) Aim
(C) Goal
(D) Objective
Answer: (A) Strategy
Exp: Aim, Goal, Objective denotes purpose.  Strategy means plan or policy.

(A) Temporary
(B) Short-lived
(C) Transitory
(D) Steady
Answer: (D) Steady
Exp: Temporary, Short-lived, Transitory mean not permanent. Steady means stable.

191. Impute
(A) blame
(B) attribute
(C) apply
(D) expert
উত্তর: (B) attribute
Exp: Impute -আরােপ করা,
Attribute -আরােপ করা,
Apply প্রয়ােগকরা,

192. No one could explain how a calm and balanced person like him could penetrate such a mindless act on his friends.
(A) Perpetuate
(B) Precipitate
(C) Perpetrate
(D) No improvement
Answer: (C) Perpetrate

(A) Inflation
(B) Discourse
(C) Interests
(D) Investment
Answer: (B) Discourse
Exp: Inflation, Interests, Investment are related to economics. Discourse is related to literature.

194. Salt has been used for centuries as a method of preserving foods.
(A) displaying
(B) cooking
(C) conserving
(D) seasoning
Answer: (C) conserving

195. Assertive people are generally more decisive.
(A) Docile
(B) Articulate
(C) Confident
(D) Compliant
Answer: (C) Confident

196. The presentation by Dr. Toha was very illuminating.
(A) enlightening
(B) bright
(C) disheartening
(D) boring
Answer: (A) enlightening

197. Read the abridge version of the novel to get an overall idea of the book.
(A) condensed
(B) critique’s
(C) summarized
(D) accurate
Answer: (C) summarized
Exp: condensed dictionary meaning হিসেবে সঠিক। কিন্তু sentence এর অর্থ অনুযায়ী summarized সঠিক।

198. Employers look for agility in workers in small-part production plants.
(A) alertness
(B) dexterity
(C) flexibility
(D) liveliness
Answer: (B) dexterity

199. “The supply of food and beverage for the program was abundant.
(A) inadequate
(B) substandard
(C) excellent
(D) plentiful
Answer: (D) plentiful

200. You can reach your goal only when you aspire.
(A) dream
(B) attempt it
(C) try
(D) aim high
Answer: (B) attempt it
Exp: Aim high হওয়া উচিত ছিল। কিন্তু Sentence টির meaning এর কারণে attempt it সঠিক।

(201-207) Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair -
(A) penury: wealth
(B) chaos: disorder
(C) monarchy: republic
(D) verbosity : words
Answer: (A) penury: wealth

(A) retrain : compose
(B) agitate : trouble
(C) stimulate : cool down
(D) upset : perturb
Answer: (C) stimulate : cool down

(A) distance : reduce
(B) stretch: extend
(C) draw out: shorten
(D) reach out : cut short
Answer: (B) stretch: extend

(A) related : halt
(B) block : obstruct
(C) detain: dispatch
(D) drag : procrastinate
Answer: (C) detain: dispatch

(A) comply: conform
(B) heed : acquiesce
(C) obey: hearken to
(D) observe: defy
Answer: (D) observe: defy

(a) Explain : Lucid
(b) Elaborate : Sketchy
(c) Grieve: Somber
(d) Assign: Agile
Answer: (b) Elaborate : Sketchy

207. Jaundice : Liver
(A) rash : skin
(B) dialysis: kidney
(C) smog: lung
(D) valentine : heart
Answer: (A) rash : skin
Exp: Jaundice is an indication of a liver problem; rash is an indication of a skin problem.

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