01 Eight men were concerned ___ the plot. (in) 38th BCS

02. Professor Razzak was a scholar ___ refute. (of) 36th BCS

03. John Smith is good ____ Mathematics. (at) 36th BCS

04. He insisted ____ there. (on my going) 36th BCS

05. Credit Tk.5000 ___ my account. (to) 36th BCS

06. Noureen will discuss the issue with Nasir ___ phone. (by) 36th BCS

07. Some writers sink _____ oblivion in course of time. (into) 33rd BCS

08. Wordsworth introduced the readers ___ a new kind of poetry. (to) 31st BCS

09. Your conduct admits ____ no excuse. (of) 29th BCS

10. Rizvi requested Rini ____ telephone to attend the meeting. (By)29th BCS

11. Many prefer donating money____ distributing clothes. (to) 29th BCS

12. Julia has been ill ____ three months. (for) 29th BCS

13. There is no alternative ___ training. (to) 27th BCS

14. I am not good ____ translation. (at) 27th BCS

15. The rich should not look down ____ the poor. (upon) 27th BCS

16. My brother has no interest ___ music. (in) 26th BCS

17. He is devoid ____ the two children. (of) 26th BCS

18. He divided the money ____ the two children. (between) 26th BCS

19. I should appreciate it if you complete this work ____ Thursday. (by) 26th BCS

20. Why are you so angry___? (for/about) 25th BCS

21. I finally killed the fly ___ a rolled up newspaper. (with) 24th BCS

22. He parted ____ his friend in tears. (from) 24th BCS

23. My friend always goes home ____ foot. (on) 24th BCS (বাতিল)

24. My wife reminded me ____. (of my appointment) 24th BCS

25. I don’t think you will have any difficulty ___ a driving license. (in getting) 24th BCS


26. The children were entrusted ____ the care of their uncle. (to) 24th BCS

27. The minister arrived ____ a decision last night. (at) 24th BCS (বাতিল)

28. The government gave ___ the demands of the people. (into) 24th BCS (বাতিল)

29. She argued ___ me about the marriage. (with) 23rd BCS

30. I count ____ your help. (upon) 23rd BCS

31. Government has been entrusted ___ elected politicians. (to) 23rd BCS

32. He has paid the penalty ____ his crimes___ five years in prison. (for, with) 22nd BCS

33. He fantasized ___ winning the lottery. (about) 21st BCS

34. The intellectual can no longer be said to live ____ the margine of society. (beyond) 20th BCS

35. Are you doing anything special ____ the weekend? (at) 15th BCS

36. The walls of our house have been painted ____ green. (no preposition) 14th BCS

37. What is the time by ____ your watch? (by) 12th BCS

38. He has assured me ____ safety. (of) 11th BCS

39. I am not bad ___ tennis. (at) 10th BCS.